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You White like Me? We gotta own up. 


Everybody speak and share your truth here by posting your video selfies here, about the reality of our white supremacist nation. And do it without a "but" in it. Meaning these videos are not about defending white people or our white culture racial, they should be about owning up to and taking responsibility racially.


                                                          - Dixon D. White 

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Help Heal Racial Divisions!


This is a place for solutions, truth & reconciliation.


A place to address the problems of white culture and privilege in our still divided country.


Without excuses or defensiveness. Without blaming anyone but ourselves, whether we have been openly racist or silent on the issues.  We need to own this problem. We need to take responsibilty for it. We need to create solutions and healing, respectfully, finally!


We need you to join us in this critical effort, to contribute with a sense of purpose to transform our times! 


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