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This is the second in a series of posts planned this week, where I share what white activists are saying publicly to other white people.


Bev Collier, anti-racism/social justice activist, wrote:


"Racism in this country was created by the white race and it is still very much rooted in all

of our major institutions. Until there is a major recognition and desire to create change on

the part of white America, racism will continue its destruction and inhibit the potential of greatness for this country! I do not pretend to know or understand what it might be like

being Black in this country, but I do know enough to know that they live with racism every day and it is destroying many lives.


I have committed much of the last five years listening to my Black brothers and sisters and researching the history of racism in this country. I continue to share what I have learned in

the hopes that enough of us will come together to end the inequitable and unjust treatment

of people of color.


My posts will take some of my white friends and family members out of their comfort zones. Although I don't claim that my views are always right, my purpose here on my Facebook page is not to argue or debate. I am through with that. There will be those of you who will

feel the need to unfriend me.


I am not here to be popular. I am here to stimulate thought and action, and to encourage others to stand with me in this struggle. I make no apologies and I accept the

consequences of my choice to engage in this struggle. I expect to be deemed insane,

over emotional, off the wall. I expect to be un-friended and mocked. I do not apologize for standing on the side of my Black brothers and sisters in this struggle!


I don't expect people of color to soothe my feelings when I am offended by a reality expressed by those who live with racism every day. I do appreciate people of color that encourage me and support my efforts to overcome racism. I respect and celebrate our differences and desire not to have a racist bone in my body.


Racism is evil and rampant in this country! We must face it, white friends! Blood is on our hands! I believe that as long as the system of institutional racism is maintained and

nurtured in this country, I as a member of the white race who benefits from white privilege, cannot be completely declassified as non-racist. I can only live my life in a manner which defies racism, calls it out when I witness it, and work toward changing this system. I come

n the spirit of love and truth, with passion for equality and justice.


Please stand with me and many others who demonstrate the courage and commitment to make our country truly a place that honors freedom, equality and justice for all our people regardless of the color of their skin! "


-- With love and respect, Bev Collier.


Fannie LaFlore MS,LPC,SAC,EAP is the Developer and Lead Trainer of Healing From Racism Programs (HFR) which draws on her extensive Communications, Human Services, Entrepreneurship and Activism experience.


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July 12, 2017




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